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Dr Basmat Klein

Clinical Psychologist, Academic, Photographer


Hello and welcome! I'm an academic and a Clinical Psychologist, working at an eating disorders outpatient clinic and a private practice.

My academic background includes a B.Sc in Psychology and Physics, a M.A. degrees in Cognitive Science, a M.A. in Clinical Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Hermeneutics and Cultural Studies.

My Ph.D. dissertation, titled: “The Embodied House - An Interdisciplinary Perspective on the Domestic Experience as Viewed by Psychoanalysis and  Architecture”, reflects my interest in the experience of home as an interdisciplinary phenomenon. In my research I explore the concept of home through autobiographies of three writers: Tove Jansson, Virginia Woolf and Etty Hillesum.   

Here you'll find some examples of my work, and you are welcomed to get in touch if you want to know more.


"Maybe it is a good thing for us to keep a few dreams of a house that we shall live in later, so much later, in fact, that we shall have no time to achieve it. For a house that was final, one that stood in a symmetrical relation to the house we were born in, will lead to thoughts – serious, sad thoughts – and not to dreams."

Gaston Bachelard



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